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Top 10 Cardiology Conferences 2023

19 Dec 2022
Cardiology Conferences 2023

2023 promises to be an exciting year for cardiology conferences as venues return to in-person conferences, allowing for more knowledge exchange, networking and personal interactions. Here is our curated list (in order, by date) of cardiology conferences 2023.

1.    American College of Cardiology (ACC)

March 4-6, 2023

Location: New Orleans, USA and online

ACC is partnering with the World Congress of Cardiology to offer their annual scientific session with a theme of “Advancing Cardiovascular Care for All.” Over 300 sessions are planned around eleven different learning pathways. Click here to plan your program for ACC 2023.

Important Deadlines:

November 10: final date for late-breaking clinical trial submissions.

Fees: begin at USD799 for ACC members; click here to view registration options.

2.    ESC Acute CardioVascular Care (ACVC)

March 24-26, 2023

Location: Marseille, France

ACVC will provide the latest science, networking and simulation workshops for management of acute coronary syndromes, acute heart failure, reperfusion and revascularization etc. On-demand access to all programmes will be available until April 9, 2023. Program details are available at the ESC ACVC 2023 website.

Submissions of abstracts and clinical cases is now closed.

Fees: begin at €160 for ACVC members; click here to view registration options.

3.    ESC Preventive Cardiology

April 13-15, 2023

Location: Malega, Spain

ESC Preventive Cardiology is the annual congress of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EACP). This year’s theme is “Cardiovascular risk: defining targets and tailoring strategies.” The congress will cover public health, primary care, secondary prevention and rehabilitation as well as sports cardiology and exercise. Further details regarding the conference programme can be found on the ESC website.

Important Deadlines:

February 02, 2023: Late-breaking science submissions

February 14, 2023: Early registration savings

Fees: begin at €225 for EAPC members; click here for ESC Preventive Cardiology 2023 to view registration options.

4.    European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) Congress

April 16-18, 2023

Location: Barcelona, Spain and online

EHRA’s theme this year is “20th anniversary, starting with a new EHRA.” Scientific sessions focused on the management of arrhythmias will be delivered both as educational presentations and hands-on workshops. Details regarding individual sessions are available here.

Important Deadlines:

December 01, 2022: Submission of abstracts and clinical cases

December 15, 2022: Call for tracings

February 21, 2023: Early fee savings and late-breaking science submissions

Fees: begin at €90 for EHRA members; click here for EHRA 2023 to view registration options.

5.    European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI)

May 10-12, 2023

Location: Barcelona, Spain

The theme at this year’s EACVI is “Be at the heart of multi-modality imaging.” This congress brings together both beginner and experts in cardiovascular imaging: echocardiography, cardiovascular magnetic resonance, nuclear cardiology and cardiac computed tomography. Details regarding individual scientific sessions are available here for EACVI 2023.

Important Deadlines:

January 06, 2023: Submission of abstracts and clinical cases

March 07, 2023: Early fees

Fees: begin at €370 for EACVI members; click here to view registration options.

6.    ESC Heart Failure (HF)

May 20-23, 2023

Location: Prague, Czechia and online

HF 2023, hosted by ESC, will feature latest science presentations and debates covering the entire spectrum of HF, including prevention, diagnosis, and management.

Important Deadlines:

January 06, 2023: Abstracts and clinical cases submissions

March 16, 2023: Late-breaking science submissions

March 21, 2023: Early registration savings

Fees: information not yet available; check ESC Heart failure 2023 website for updates.

7.    European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS)

May 21-24, 2023

Location: Mannheim, Germany and online

This congress pledges explore the latest research developments into the causes of atherosclerosis and related vascular disease, and their implications for clinical guidelines which shape diagnostic pathways and treatment algorithms. EAS is proud to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary exchange between clinicians and researchers. Details regarding both the plenary and the workshop programs are available on the EAS website.

Important Deadlines:

December 6, 2022: submission of abstracts

Fees: information not yet available; check EAS 2023 website for updates.

8.    Association of Cardiovascular Nursing & Allied Professions (ACNAP)

June 23-24, 2023

Location: Edinburgh, UK

ACNAP brings together health professionals from across the spectrum of cardiovascular care and provides the opportunity to network and share new research and technologies to continually improve clinical practice.

Important Deadlines:

January 30, 2023: Submission of clinical cases and abstracts

April 24, 2023: Early registration savings

June 24, 2023: Late registration fee

Fees: information not yet available; check website for updates.

9.    European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress

August 25-28, 2023

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands and online

The theme of ESC 2023 is “joining forces to protect the heart.” Participants will be welcomed both onsite and online to discuss latest research findings and clinical updates. ESC 2023 will offer over 500 expert sessions discussing some 400 different topics in cardiology, and will feature over 200 exhibitors.  Watch for more information on the ESC 2023.

Important Deadlines:

March 01, 2023: Submission of abstracts

March 15, 2023: Submission of clinical cases

May 31, 2023: Early onsite registration savings

June 06, 2023: Late-breaking science submissions

Fees: Information not yet available; check ESC 2023 website for updates.

10.American Heart Association (AHA)

November 11-13, 2023

Location: Philadelphia, USA

The AHA’s annual scientific sessions review findings of latest clinical trials related to all aspects of cardiology and management of cardiac conditions. Researchers and delegates from all around the world participate in these sessions annually.

Deadlines and fees have not yet been announced; check AHA 2023 website frequently for updates.

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Author: Kelly Schoonderwoerd


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