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Cardiology Update
was founded in 2018, and provides an ideal and simple way for readers to be
informed on the latest trends and advancements made in cardiology research.
With approximately 2.5 million scientific articles published each year, keeping
up with the latest cardiology news has become more challenging.

At Cardiology Update we review all major peer reviewed international cardiology journals for the latest high impact developments. All articles are written by professional medical journalists and updated regularly.

The editorial board of Cardiology Update is comprised of a team of cardiologists, nuclear physicians, academic researchers and cardiology industry professionals. Cardiology Update provides breaking news that matter to healthcare professionals in the field of cardiology. We pride ourselves in providing high quality communications conveying important scientific developments in a concise manner.

Keeping up with cardiovascular research news has never been easier than with Cardiology Update.

ISSN: 2665-9905

Managing Editor
Nazanin Hakimzadeh, PhD, Amsterdam

Editorial Board
M Chadi Alraies, MD, Detroit
Lorena Casadonte, PhD, Amsterdam
Alexander den Hartog, MD PhD, Amsterdam
Frank den Hartog, MD, Ede
Cristina Rolandi, PhD, Munich
Hein Verberne, MD PhD, Amsterdam
Marjan Askari, PhD, Amsterdam


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