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ESC Heart Failure 2023 Highlights
Intravascular imaging-guided PCI shows better clinical outcomes than angiography-guided PCI
PORTICO NG study: Preliminary results with Navitor aortic valve are promising
Losing Sleep Over Weight Gain: Sleep Deficiency and Increased Visceral Obesity Risk
Revisiting the “Obesity-Survival Paradox” in Patients With Obesity and Heart Failure

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Cardiology Best Practices eBook is a concise and enjoyable way for you to gain fundamental knowledge of the latest high impact position papers and consensus reports involving practical guides. With the many cardiology specializations, some key principles remain important across all specialties. Concise yet thorough, this ebook focuses on the evolving concepts presented by the leading academic researchers and international Cardiology societies. No other text will simplify the countless new information and novel concepts you receive on a daily basis than Cardiology Best Practices eBook.


  • Heart failure classification based on pathophysiological reasoning
  • A practical guide for natriuretic peptide concentrations
  • Use of diuretics in heart failure with congestion
  • Treating iron deficiency in chronic heart failure patients
  • Management of asymptomatic arrhythmias
  • Recommendations for athletes with cardiovascular disease
  • High-sensitivity troponin testing
  • Statin therapy: benefits and potential risks

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