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Rules for submitting a case

Thank you for your interest in submitting a case to Cardiology Update. Please follow the listed guidelines for a complete and successful submission.

  1. Complete the form in its entirety. Please use complete sentences in all appropriate text boxes. If a field is not applicable, please enter ‘Not applicable.
  2. Please write out any abbreviation for the first use of the term and include its abbreviation.
  3. Please describe the entire anatomy (coronary or otherwise) in the text of your case regardless of whether or not an intervention was performed on a particular vessel.
  4. We encourage you to include Figures. Image requirements are as follows:
    • Images should be in JPEG format with a width & height of 350 pixels
    • Images should be listed as Figure 1, Figure 2 etc. and embedded within the appropriate text area.
    • If applicable, pre-procedure, peri-procedure and post-procedure images should be included.
    • Please do not submit composite images.
    • Please do not annotate an image on the image itself.
  5. Please provide detailed information regarding the usage of drugs and/or devices (including the drug or device’s manufacturer if possible).

For further information on submitting a case or including video files, please contact us.